TKF Winter Competition Results

On the 4th December we held our last club competition of the year and up to this point it’s the busiest competition we have held, with 57 students in attendance. All competitors put in some fantastic performances and we gladly received our TSKR friends along.

Great sportsmanship and respect was shown by so many with a very high Karate standard on show.


Event 1: Junior Individual Kata (10th-4th Kyu)

1st Place – Oliver Harvey
2nd Place – Flynn Brewster (TSKR)
3rd Place – Devon Taylor (TSKR)

Event 2: Individual Kata (3rd Kyu & Above)
1st Place – Maisie Redgrave
2nd Place – Riley Woodhouse
3rd Place – Felix Parsley
Event 3: Individual Kata (3rd Kyu & Above) (14+ Years)

1st Place – Jamie Steward
2nd Place – Sophie Anderson (TSKR)
3rd Place – Alfie Redgrave

Event 4: Individual Kata (10th-4th Kyu) (14+ Years)

1st Place – Kim Redgrave
2nd Place – Julie Brown
3rd Place – Lauren Watts

Event 5: Team Kata

1st Place – Alfie Redgrave, Riley Woodhouse and Jacob Green
2nd Place – Jamie Steward, Kyle Buck and Hollie Mae
3rd Place – Cameron Panday, Rohan Panday and Cody Gedge

Event 6: Junro Kata (Junior)

1st Place – Cameron Panday
2nd Place – Riley Woodhouse
3rd Place – Felix Parsley

Event 7: Junro Kata (14+ Years)

1st Place – Jamie Steward
2nd Place – Hollie Mae
3rd Place – Stuart Parsley

Event 8: Individual Kumite (10th-4th Kyu) (Mixed Under 5ft)

1st Place – Oliver Harvey
2nd Place – Flynn Brewster (TSKR)
3rd Place – Megan Robinson

Event 9: Individual Kumite (3rd Kyu & Above) (Mixed Under 5ft)

1st Place – Jadzia Molloy
2nd Place – Cody Gedge
3rd Place – Charlie Green

Event 10: Individual Kumite (Over 5ft 12-14 Years Old)

1st Place – Henry Pegge
2nd Place – Cormac Morgan
3rd Place – George Pegge

Event 11: Individual Kumite (Male Adult)

1st Place – Tim Harriosn
2nd Place – Jordan Southgate (TSKR)
3rd Place – Doug Bish

Event 12: Individual Kumite (Female Adult)

1st Place – Sophie Anderson (TSKR)
2nd Place – Julie Brown

Event 13: Team Kumite

1st Place – George Pegge, Henry Pegge and Jadzia Molloy
2nd Place – Cody Gedge, Charlie Green and Max Tilson
3rd Place – Cormac Morgan, Riley Woodhouse and Jacob Green

Competitor of the day – Charlie Green

Thank you to our kitchen and admin staff (Vicky, Melissa and Sharon), our referee and table officials (Paul, Karen, Jamie, Liam, Sophie, Stuart, Freddie, James, Jake, Matthew and Danny).

… and of course all of the amazing competitors, family members, friends, supporters, special guests (TSKR) an our podium makers (Tony and Jake). If we have forgot anyone sorry but thank you all.


As a group and a squad we have lots to look forward to, particularly on the competition front. Next Squad Training is Saturday 17th December.