Club Competition Results!

December Club Competition Results

Event 1: Kickmaster 9-14 Years Old.
1st Fabian Velea
2nd Ethan Ward
3rd Robyn Bithell

Event 2: Kickmaster 6-8 Years Old.
1st Edward Britton
2nd Olly Howlett-Hoye
3rd Harry Bithell

Event 3: Junior Lower Grade Kata.
1st Katie Middleton
2nd Thomas Velea
3rd Oliver Garner

Event 4: Junior Higher Grade Kata.
1st Izzy Brown
2nd Rohan Panday
3rd TJ Greene

Event 5: Adult Kata.
1st Chloe Miller
2nd Lauren Watts
3rd Kerri Parker

Event 6: Junro Kata Junior.
1st Cadence Calver-Brown
2nd Callum Sandell
3rd Rohan Panday

Event 7: Junro Kata Adult.
1st Isaac Wright
2nd Chloe Miller
3rd Kerri Parker

Event 8: Pairs Kata
1st Chloe And Rohan
2nd Katie And Brooke
3rd Sammie And Doug

Event 9: Junior Lower Grade Kumite.
1st Rushen Fernando
2nd Katie Middleton
3rd Calvin Dick

Event 10: Junior Higher Grade Kumite.
1st TJ Greene
2nd Max Tilson
3rd Ethan Ward

Event 11: Adult Kumite.
1st Adam Jennison
2nd Phil Sayer

Event 12: Pairs Kumite Junior.
1st Martyna And Fabian
2nd Max And Rohan
3rd Thomas And TJ.

Competitor Of The Day – Ethan Culligan.

Thank you to everyone that made the day a success, from competitors, to spectators, to members of staff you were all fantastic. This was one of the highest attended club competitions we have ran and it seemed to run smoother and have a better standard on show than normal. We are making steps of improvement every time, so well done everyone.