May Club Competition Results

Well done to all students that competed on Sunday 20th May 2018 in the first of this years TKF Club Competitions. Once again fantastic spirit was shown by everyone and performances were on top form. We would like to thank all the staff and helpers for their contributions to the day as well to all the parents that supported us as well.


Kickmaster 9-14 Years
1st Fabian Velea
2nd Ethan Ward
3rd Thomas Riseborough

Kickmaster 6-8 Years
1st Ryan Matthews
2nd Ruby Mills
3rd Thomas Velea

Junior Individual Kata 10th-4th Kyu
1st Edward Cushing
2nd Logan Graves
3rd Ethan Ward

Junior Individual Kata 3rd Kyu and above
1st Rohan Panday
2nd Thomas Riseborough
3rd Martyna Majeska

Individual Kata 14 Years + 10th-4th Kyu
1st Louise Gedge
2nd Aaron Dakers
3rd Stephanie Graves

Individual Kata 14 Years + 3rd Kyu and above
1st Kelly Culligan
2nd Hollie Mae
3rd Jadzia Molloy

Junro Kata
1st Rohan Panday
2nd Callum Sandell
3rd Robyn Bithell

Pairs Kata
1st Thomas Riseborough & TJ Greene
2nd Hollie Mae & Stephen Tubby
3rd Lexi Panday & Rohan Panday

Junior Individual Kumite Mixed 10th-4th Kyu
1st Megan Robinson
2nd Edward Copsey
3rd Dylan Harvey

Junior Individual Kumite Mixed 3rd Kyu and above
1st Martyna Majeska
2nd Charlie Green
3rd Jadzia Molloy

Individual Male Kumite
1st Aaron Dakers
2nd Phil Sayer
3rd Stephen Tubby

Individual Female Kumite Mixed
1st Hollie Mae
2nd Louise Gedge
3rd Chloe Miller

Junior Pairs Kumite
1st Charlie Green & Billie Jo Curtis
2nd Fabian Velea & Robyn Bithell
3rd Thomas Riseborough & TJ Greene

TKF Competitior of the Day
Yura Manuel