TKF Karate Gradings

All Karate gradings by JKS Qualified Kyu Grading Examiners

In Shotokan Karate students progress through a belt system with each level having a different colour. Each level before black belt are known as Kyu grades.

Every Kyu grade has its own syllabus that needs to be learnt and during the grading progress this syllabus will be marked on a number of factors. If the student reaches the desired standard they will pass their grading and move on to their new Kyu grade.

For full JKS grading syllabus detailing what is required for each element of a Kyu (kihon, kata and kumite), please click the relevant belt below.


The TKF is proudly affiliated to JKS England

JKS England are the England National Governing body of the JKS, and are here to support TKF members of all ages, abilities and aspirations.

JKS England teach traditional Shotokan Karate as taught at the JKS Honbu Dojo, Japan. They hold strong ties with Japan which provides exceptional opportunities for TKF members, from having TKF Dan Grades registered in Japan, through to opportunities for TKF members to enter Teikyo University and the world famous Honbu Dojo Instructor’s Course.

Click here for a link to the JKS England website.

Price Plan (From Monday 10th October 2016)

  • Little Ninjas £25.00
  • Junior Karate £30.00
  • Adult Karate £35.00