Common Questions

Do I need to pay staight away?

No. All students get their first 2 classes free.

If I have previous Shotokan Karate experience can I join at the same grade?

Any student from a shotokan school may continue their training with the TKF as their current grade. We would require proof of that grade e.g a licence book or certificate.

If I have previous martial art experience can I keep my current grade?

We at the TKF know that each training system is very different and at the same time similar to the next. However, when training in a new discipline a student would be required to begin as a white belt no matter their previous level.

How often are gradings?

Gradings are held every 4 months but they are not compulsory, meaning students can progress at their own pace.

Where can I buy a Gi?

The TKF provides embroidered Gi’s that can be ordered at any venue with an average of a 2 week waiting period. Badges are also sold for members who wish to use a Gi from any organisation.