August Club Competition Results!

Sunday 5th August – TKF Club Competition Results

Event 1: Kickmaster 9-14 years old
1st – Katie Middleton
2nd РFabian Velea 
3rd – Robyn Bithell

Event 2: Kickmaster 6-8 years old
1st – Thomas Velea
2nd – Ed Britton
3rd – Ruby Mills

Event 3: Junior Individual Kata (10th-4th Kyu)
1st – Brooke Watts
2nd – Edward Cushing
3rd – Thomas Velea

Event 4: Junior Individual Kata (3rd Kyu+)
1st – Martyna Majerska
2nd – Robyn Bithell
3rd – Callum Sandell

Event 5: Individual Kata 14+ Years
1st – Chloe Miller
2nd – Kelly Culligan
3rd – Lauren Watts

Event 6: Junro Kata
1st – Robyn Bithell
2nd – Chloe Miller
3rd – Callum Sandall

Event 7: Pairs Kata
1st – Chloe Miller and Kim Ritchie
2nd – Thomas Riseborough and TJ Green

Event 8: Junior Individual Kumite (10th-4th Kyu)
1st – Edward Copsey
2nd – Edward Cushing
3rd – Oscar Sharpe

Event 9: Junior Individual Kumite (3rd Kyu+)
1st – TJ Green
2nd – Ethan Culligan
3rd – Fabian Velea

Event 10: Adult Male Individual Kumite
1st – Doug Bish
2nd – Adam Jennison
3rd – Aaron Dakers

Event 11: Adult Female Individual Kumite
1st – Stephanie Wegg
2nd – Chloe Miller

Event 12: Pairs Kumite Junior
1st – Fabian Velea and Martyna Majerska
2nd – TJ Green and Thomas Riseborough
3rd – Ed Copsey and Mason Broadwater

Competitor of the day – Oscar Sharpe.

Thank you to everyone who participated, helped or supported the occasion in anyway.